May 13, 2019

Tapas from Around the World

Team Building: Tapas from Around the World

Learn to cook and enjoy a multi-course Italian dinner with your team

Bring your team to our beautiful kitchen for an amazing bonding experience. People will break up into groups, each in charge of one or more of the small dishes we will make, and share their creations with everybody as the event progresses – providing ample opportunities for relaxed mingling and getting to know one another.

The menu includes a number of small dishes, sophisticated but relatively simple to execute, under Chef Daniel’s watchful and caring supervision.


  • Chicken Croquette Sliders
  • Tortilla de Patatas al Horno
  • Mussels Provenzal
  • Shrimp with Garlic
  • Fried Squid Rings with Salsa Verde
  • Crimini Mushrooms with Wine Reduction Sauce
  • Chef’s Seasonal Dessert

You are welcome to bring your own beverage. Malbecs, Zinfandels, even bubblies are excellent choices for the fare we will be eating.

$125 per person

Please call us at 1(818)321-8528 or email us at to arrange your event.

Class Recipes

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