February 5, 2019

Gluten Free and Vegetarian Italian

Cooking Class: Gluten Free and Vegetarian Italian

Allergic to gluten and miss eating delicious Italian pasta?

Gluten Free Bucatini
Cannelloni di Verdura
Flourless Almond Chocolate Cake
The Foodery
Chef Daniel Morduchowicz

During this class we will be creating gluten free and vegetarian pasta dishes that are as delicious as their gluten cousins.

Chef Daniel will guide you in creating gluten free pasta dough to be used in either bucatini or spaghetti.

For the cannelloni we will make gluten free crepes, which we will fill with spinach and home made ricotta (choice of lactose free recipe available.)

Participants will have a choice of two pastas and sauces: bucatini or spaghetti, and a selection of traditional pesto genovese or cacio e pepe, two deceptively simple sauces that when done correctly are an absolutely delicious delicacy.

The cannelloni will be filled with spinach and ricotta, and topped with a very simple, yet delicious tomato sauce.

To finish the meal Chef Daniel will serve a moist and scrumptious chocolate flourless cake.



  • Choice of gluten free bucatini or spaghetti
  • Choice of pesto or traditional Roman cacio e pepe (cheese and pepper)

Main Course

  • Cannelloni di Verdura (Spinach with homemade Ricotta) and simple tomato sauce


  • Gluten Free Flourless Chocolate Italian Cake

You are welcome to bring your own beverage. Suggestions include a Chianti or Malbec (for example from Bodega Catena) for the main course and perhaps a Prosecco to drink during dessert.

$119 per person

We are making changes to the calendar system and for the time being, please call us at 818/321-8528 or email at info@thefoodery.la to arrange a date

Class Recipes