January 25, 2019

Around the World Gourmet: French, Italian and Argentinian Food

Cooking Class: Around the World Gourmet

Learn to cook and enjoy a multicourse gourmet dinner

Sous Vide Salmon with Gnocchi
Duck Breast with Wine Reduction Sauce
The Foodery
Cream of Tomato Soup

Drawing from French, Italian and Argentine cuisine, the team will learn how to make and prepare a variety of dishes, including specialty items such as a red wine reduction sauce and salmon cooked sous vide (a modern technique that yields extraordinary results.)

From the simple to the sophisticated, during this class Chef Daniel will engage all your participants in creating a memorable experience that allows for plenty of time to mingle while at the same time learning fundamental and advanced cooking techniques.

The meal will be served at the end of the class on a communal table where everybody will have the unique opportunity to partake in food that was prepared by each and everyone of the participants.



  • Soup Shooter Trio (Mushroom, cream of tomato and carrot ginger)
  • First Course

  • Sous Vide Salmon with Gnocchi and Sage Butter
  • Main Course

  • Duck Breast with Wine Reduction Sauce Served with orange poached red cabbage
  • Dessert

  • Argentine Style Crepes Prepared in advance by the Chef

You are welcome to bring your own beverage. Suggestions include a Chianti or Malbec (for example from Bodega Catena) for the main course and perhaps a Prosecco to drink during dessert.

$125 per person

We are making changes to the calendar system and for the time being, please call us at 818/321-8528 or email at info@thefoodery.la to arrange a date

Class Recipes